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About Mathilde foto

Mathilde foto is a production company of a freelance based photographer, Søren Lauridsen.
He works also as a writer and a travel guide.
Søren started travelling in 1974 and has traveled more than 120 countries so far.
He is the co-author of the Nepal, India, and Bornholm (an island in Denmark) version of
the leading travel guide series in Scandinavia, "Politikens Turen Gar Til".
Søren has also published 5 photo-books of his own.
His photos have been used by various publishers, including the biggest publishers in Denmark,
such as Politiken and Gyldendal.

Søren Lauridsen of Mathilde foto is a 'dogma' photographer, in other words, he does not wish photography manupilation, although he takes digital photos.
His focus is on photographing the positive side of this globe.